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Review of the Movie, The Breakup

The Break Up - Review

Without a doubt "The Break Up" tries to get away from the typical Hollywood "romantic comedy" genre. The movie actually tries to show exactly how real couples break up in real life. After all, no longer do we buy the "true love conquers all" image depicted in films like "when Harry met Sally" or "You've got Mail". The public deals with divorce every single day, so why not in the movies as well?

The Break Up shows all possible grievances, pet peeves and arguments you can imagine between a couple. It is not so much a comedy but rather a description of the real differences between men and women and a bit of a social study on complex relationships. The script does package all this in a comic jacket though, making the movie pleasant to watch, even though the truth hitting you in the face can be uncomfortable.

Especially for people who have just gone through a break up this movie can bring back some memories and either make you feel utterly miserable, or show you you are really not alone.

The great plus about this movie is the fact that it does not fall in the romantic comedy trap, but instead is brutally honest. For a Hollywood production that is quite refreshing!

The relationship between Brooke (Jennifer Aniston) and Gary (Vince Vaughn) is a long term stagnant one. They share a nice apartment together and when in a whim they decide to break up, neither of them wants to leave the apartment. As with many relationships between men and women, Brooke doesn't say what she wants, and Gary can't guess it.

Instead of focusing on the beginning of relationships, like many other movies do, the Break up focuses on the end. However, is it really the end? At first they try to get the other person to move out by doing exactly everything that frustrates them. However, neither one budges, and as the movie progresses, both characters seem to want each other back. Especially Brooke puts in an effort to seduce Gary. Basically from her end she does not want to loose Gary, but rather "teach him a lesson". This is a bit of a flaw in the story, because it brings the movie back to your standard "Man-grows-up-into-sensitive-adult" story like we saw in Liar Liar, As Good As It Gets, and Bruce Almighty. The script should have stuck to a story about a couple, and how both sides make mistakes in a relationship, instead of emphasizing almost only the man's shortcomings.

The Break up is interesting rather than a "good laugh", and personally made me look at my own relationships, and break ups. However, when I want entertainment I personally prefer to fool myself with mushy romantic comedies that tell me true love does exist and doesn't need to end. On the flip side though, The Break Up does a great job of showing that the end of a relationship does not have to be the end of the world. That in itself is worth the movie!

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