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Why Women Would Rather Be Miserable In a Relationship Than Happy Alone

People are pack animals by default, and generally afraid of the unknown. Once we get comfortable, we don't easily want to give that up in return for potential solitude and discomfort. Women are thus more likely to put up with an unhappy relationship, than taking the risk of being unhappy alone.

A relationship is a social safety net. Every person wants this safety net for other reasons; some may like the financial security (if you are in a tight spot, your boyfriend will likely help you out) and some like the social perks (i.e. you get to borrow his friends and family and join their parties).

When a relationship turns into a situation that makes us unhappy, we generally still look at the "bright sides" and try to see whether they can possibly outweigh the bad. If you want it badly enough, it usually will!

The problem really is familiarity. Women rather stay in a bad familiar relationship than in an unfamiliar good situation.

Being scared of the unknown is what is keeping millions of women trapped in a self-continued hell.

Common problem that goes hand in hand with this is the delusion that "things will get better", "he will change" or "I need to give it time". If you have ever seen the episode of sex and the city where Miranda is dating a fellow lawyer, you will know what I mean. He guy is rude, inappropriate and generally just mean. She blames his stress, the fact he is trying to make partner, etc. She also made herself believe things will get better as soon as he makes partner. Truth is, when he finally does things get worse, because now he has the stress of being a partner and having to perform accordingly. At that point she is smart enough to walk out.

So why do women tell themselves that a certain future event or just time in general will make things better? Why does someone first need to "get a different job", "get some more clients" or "take some time off" before they treat you any better than they are? These issues can create stress, but they should never create stress in a relationship or be an excuse to mistreat you.

So ladies, when in a bad situation that does not respond to any attempt to improve it, stop telling yourself things will get better with time, a different job or a different house. They won't. The problem will either continue, get worse or get shifted into a different direction. Face your fears for what they are; you may be afraid of the unfamiliar. Once you acknowledge that, and fairly determine your relationship is beyond saving, you can start preparing yourself for a different life and a better relationship with yourself.

For more information on the independent and successful woman check out The Rich Bitch Forum to get help, advice, and ideas on becoming a financially successful single woman.

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