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The Perfect Man: Does He Exist, and Do We Really Want Him?

Women, and men, always compare potential partners to their internal reference list of what the perfect person would be like. For every woman this is different; some like the rough-around-the-edges nature man, others go for the suit-wearing businessperson and others prefer the quiet intellectual. Regardless of our individual preferences, does the perfect man really exist. And if he does, do we want him, or do we just think we do?

Defining the "perfect man"

The perfect man will have a set of attributes you like, not disagree with you in any area and generally behave perfectly at all times. As a result, you will never fight, never disagree and he will always be romantic. He will preferably also know how to read your mind and show up at the right time with the perfect tub of ice cream when you need cheering up.

After meeting many men, I found out there is really not one that perfectly fits my 'requirements'. There is always a downside, a drawback, a place for compromise. Every person comes with downsides, and no man can read your mind! This does not mean the perfect man for you does not exist. However, you will have to be a little flexible.

Don't settle, but be flexible

The longer your list of "can't live without's", the less likely you will find someone who will fit that list perfectly. The trick is not to be turned off from a man who can't tell a rose from a daisy, these things can be learned! The trick is rather to determine fundamental characteristics you feel you really feel strongly about and the 'perfect man' would have. For example, if you love big families and your perfect man would have a huge intimate family, then dating someone who knows a rose for a daisy but has no family to speak of is not efficient. Instead, date that relatively unromantic guy with all the other 'perks', and show him what romance is like! Divide your must-have list into two columns: one with characteristics nobody can change or things that are very hard to change (i.e. family size, social background, culture, religion, even education). In the other column write down those characteristics that are "nice but teachable", like romance, hobbies, etc. The not-changeable list are your core characteristics, these are the ones you will be looking for in a 'perfect man'.

Do we really want perfection?

Come on, really.. do you want a man who always agrees with you? Women usually want a man who has his imperfections without realizing it. Without any sort of challenge, conflict or bump in the road a relationship could quickly become stale and boring. Are you ready for complete boredom? If it is what we want, we would not chase the emotionally unattainable men and 'bad boys'. We would go for that quiet guy who is absolutely marriage material, just not for you. We know what is good for us, and we have had the chance to get it many times over, but we either do not recognize it or think it is not for us. Most women have met a perfect man at one point in life, and either he wasn't interested, or she was not attracted to him. Perhaps because he was 'too perfect'.

For more information about the laws of attracting a man, please check out Tigress Luv's How to Become a Man Magnet.

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