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How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

Do you feel like your break up was a bad decision, and you want your ex back? It does not really matter who broke up, there is still the possibility of getting your ex boyfriend back. However before attempting this, consider carefully if it is something you really want! Nobody likes an emotional roller coaster, and if you are not 100% sure you can make it work this time, then you are not ready to give it another try. Also, when someone rejects us it creates a false sense of need in us. We think we need them far more than we actually do because we just need to 'undo' the rejection.

To work on getting your ex boyfriend back you must first consider why you broke up in the first place. Where you in a strong and healthy relationship, but something relatively small and fixable went wrong? Issues you want to consider are whether either one of you, or both, were abusive, controlling, possessive in any way. Being abusive is not only a physical matter, one can be emotionally abusive as well. Did either of you cheat?

If these issues did exists in the relationship, and it was your boyfriend being the abusive, controlling or possessive one you need to make 200% sure you want to try again. Do not fall in a trap thinking you can change him, you can't!

If all the above really does not apply to you, or if you were the one making serious mistakes and you are sure you fixed them, then you can move forward and win him back!

Saying immediately you cannot live without your ex boyfriend, that you want him back, etc, is not a very good strategy. He will just get scared and run for the hills! Instead, try to approach him in a friendly manner, and ask if he is open to being friends.

If he is open to this proceed as friends, get together once in a while for coffee or movies and casually hang out. Don't let yourself get sucked into ex-sex, even if he is open to that! It only creates fuzzy boundaries and what you really need is for both of you to rediscover your friendship before he can realize what a great girlfriend he lost in you.

Avoid being clingy at all cost! Also never beg! This is only humiliating to you and you will repulse him instead of attract him! Guys like a challenge, if you are begging him to come back to you, you deprive him from absolutely any challenge there could be. You also paint yourself in a very bad light. Be yourself, show him what a great person you are and what he lost, but be prepared for the possibility that he may not come back to you. By doing the above you do increase your chances though, because you are showing yourself as you are: a great friend, which is the basis of any good relationship.

Only when you feel there is a special connection with him again should you casually ask whether he would be interested in giving dating a shot again. That is, if by then he hasn't asked you! Always be aware he could say no though, in that case cherish the friendship you have, it may be worth more in the long run!

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