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The Mystery Factor: How To Keep Your Lover In Love With You

Have you ever wondered why so many lovely relationships break up? Where does love go after some time? You may have suffered a breakup recently, but you surely don't want that to happen to your special relationship in the future! So, how can you keep your lover in love with you? Though every relationship is unique in its own ways, there are some sure ways to ensure a long and happy loving relationship.

Be friends: Many lasting love relationships are found on friendship. It does not hurt to treat your lover the same way your treat your closest friends. You don't have to create a fuss every time he or she forgets to call you up. Hanging out together in company of other friends and enjoying common interests (other than romance) surely strengthens the relationship.

Laugh, Listen and Talk: If you are the one who does most of the talking it's time for you to keep quiet and listen to what your lover has to say. Both partners should give each other equal right and opportunity to express their views. If your relationship is undergoing a bad phase, talking out the problems and clearing up the mess of misunderstandings by up front (not mud slinging) communication can take you ahead with each other. Laughing together, sharing jokes and not taking things so personally helps keep intact the congeniality of the sweet relationship you share.

Forgive and Forget: So what if you had a heated argument session? Love should not let ego come in its way. You can forget about your ego and pride and forgive each other. Also, forget about past mistakes and move ahead. Digging up bones in the heat of the moment is not really a good idea for a blooming love relationship. Develop the understanding between you both, and remember to throw away your pride. Pride has no business in an intimate relationship.

Appreciate: You don't have to wait for big occasions of big achievements to appreciate your partner and his or her efforts. There could be many small acknowledgements that may mean a lot to them. Sharing these trivial but beautiful occasions and appreciating each other will bring the two of you closer and make your bond stronger.

Give Space: Being in love doesn't mean you have to hang out together 24/ 7. You must have a healthy space in your relationship. Getting too much into each others comfort zone will only lead you into taking each other for granted which ultimately throws love and romance out of the window.

Spontaneity and Surprise: Surprise your lover with surprise gifts of say flowers, self-written poems, his or her favorite things, a candlelit dinner, a surprise trip to a romantic getaway. There are hundreds of things you can think of as a surprise for your beloved. At times it is good to do things in unplanned way like going out for midnight swims, making love at a most unexpected time or place, giving him or her a surprise massage, and many more. This mystery factor keeps the flame of romance burning and your relationship going forever.

No ultimatums: The ultimatums are the ultimate relationship killers. Learn to accept your lover the way he or she is. If you try to change them and succeed, your lover will never be the same person you loved and if you do not succeed it would imply to him or her that your love is not unconditional. A complete and total acceptance of your partner is key to your relationship's success and contentment factor.

Don't be an Open Book: An air of mystery helps love and lust last forever. Always keep a part of you private and hidden - or at least appear to be 'elusive' in some aspect. When one exposes too much of themselves to their partners they can become boring and undesirable to their significant other. Intrigue can capture another's heart and works wonders on keeping them forever enraptured by you.
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