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Why Some Women Get Dumped: The Top Ten Reasons Why Men Dump Women

So, your guy just dumped you and you can't figure out why he did so? Here is a peek view of a man's mind. Probably learning, analyzing, and heeding these top ten reasons why men dump women may save you from facing the same unfortunate outcome in your next relationship.

Nothing is new: It is the mystery factor in a woman's persona that acts as a perfect aphrodisiac of any man. Once you lose this mystery factor your man may lose interest in you. So, what do you do to keep up with it? Just keep giving him surprises, and never totally reveal everything about yourself. Keep evolving yourself, and always remain slightly secretive with who you are. Keep him on the hunt - for you.

No space: Personal space matters a lot in a relationship, especially for men. They feel suffocated if the woman is too possessive and jealous. A woman, who is clinging, insecure and jealous all the time, surely has high "soon-to-be-dumped" potential. If your life revolves around only him to an extent that your own social circle has shrunk to almost nothing, you are in a seriously bad way. Get some life girl and give the two of you a little breather.

Bad Sex: Bad physical chemistry between the partners is a frequent cause of breakup. And good sex does not mean having a flawless body. Even with some extra pounds here and there you can keep your man hooked to you and hot for you. Men dump women if sex becomes predictable and stale. One huge secret to satisfying your partner isn't necessarily about how you perform in bed, but rather how much you desire him and how much enthusiasm you have for him in bed. How hot are you for him? That is what makes a good sexual partner! If you are evidently very excited and enthusiastic to have sex with him, or give sex to him and please him, he will feel extra satisfied - even if the act itself lacked in sexual expertise.

Nagging: Nagging is perhaps an eternal problem with most women - and men absolutely hate it. Nagging girlfriends and wives get dumped faster than a season change. Also, girlfriends who put pressure on their man to get married are a complete "NO-NO' with men. Remember, men have that proverbial commitment phobia. No, it is not a myth. Women need to understand that they nag for the simple reason of feeling secure, safe, and loved within the relationship. She falsely believes that if the man gives into her demands it is a sure sign that he loves her, and she can finally relax and feel safe in the relationship. If the man doesn't give into her demands the more insecure she becomes, and the more not-of-control she feels about her relationship. Unfortunately, these undesirable emotions are only likely to make her nag even more.

Taking for granted: When men get too comfortable with their partners, they no longer truly need them. Like he may say, "She already does my laundry and has sex with me. Why should I marry her?" Men easily dump women who stop challenging them and who allow themselves to be taken for granted. Picture dating as a game of hunt - with man as the hunter and woman as the prey. Men enjoy the hunt, the challenge, the chase. But once they have bagged the prey they then hand it over to the woman to clean up and serve for dinner. His interest quickly diminishes in her when he hands over the domestic chores of preparing up his latest catch. And now he is off to bag a new one.

Cheating: So, one is not enough for you? Get ready to be dumped. Just like a cheating partner is a no for you, it is the same for men as well. Therefore, if you keep dating men outside your relationship, you can forget about the relationship altogether.

Perfect Mismatch: Men may fall for a woman simply because of her good looks - or really any other single virtue. However, when it comes to the complete package, it may get difficult to accept it in full. His impossible quest for a perfect woman may become a problem for your relationship. Perfection doesn't exist in an imperfect world.

Getting Ahead in Life: It is a common occurrence that when a man rises above his stature, he may find that his girlfriend or wife no longer suits him, and it results is his dumping the woman in his life for a more 'high-status' partner. Outgrowing, or growing beyond or above, one's partner can be extremely detrimental to any relationship. Likewise, if the woman excels or surpasses her male partner in career success or financial gain, it can leave a man to feel uncomfortable and inadequate. Which leads to...

Male Ego: The 'somewhat' chauvinistic male ego does not allow for him to feel comfortable with a woman who makes more money, has a better social status, or is better educated. Men like to feel superior to women at all times.

Emotional Drama: Men don't like women who keep feeding them with an excess of emotional drama and soapy stories all the time. Too much song-and-dance over your feelings and/or emotional problems will only add to your dumpable factor. It's best to stop being the Drama Queen around him and keep the soapy-theatrics to share among your female friends.

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