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The Chemical Side to a Break up: Your Emotions May Not Be All in Your Head!

You have been wondering as to what led your relationship to a break up, but you will hardly know what struck you when it is not all in your head. Disturbed hormones and body metabolism are major contributors to a bad relationship. Researches have shown that most of the people who had break ups, bad marriages or bad relation with lover had certain "hormonal imbalances". Epinephrine, norepinephrine and ACTH, levels of these three hormones were found elevated in these couples. With these hormones elevated in your stream, you'll have higher blood pressure and higher heart rate. These are stress hormones, also named as "fight or flight" chemical messengers that tell us whether to fight it out or call it quits.

There is much more to a relationship break up than we see. It is quite possible that your body chemistry is "forcing" you to part ways with your beloved. A struggle with trust and commitment is not completely a mind game. Your hormones and other body chemicals may be giving you such vibes that do not let you "settle" in a relationship. To explain it better let us begin with when you first fell in love with your beloved.
In the beginning of courtship and love your body is like a very busy chemistry lab that is busy brewing the love potion, which is a mixture of PEA, Dopamine, Norepinephrine. These three hormones mix together to produce a state of euphoria and idyllic excitement. This is the reason why new lovers feel charged up and can stay up all night, talking and making love. Basically, these three hormones together create a drug like effect and thus an addiction for the bliss of euphoria. However, just like the body gets immune to the effects of drugs after sometime and you need more of them to pacify your desire for the elation, the body builds an immunity towards these chemicals as well and the lovers would need more of them to keep the flame alive. The body suffices for this demand unless it reaches a peak.

Once the peak of demand for this chemical mixture is attained, it is replaced by endorphins, which work like morphine and reduce anxiety and make you feel more comfortable. This is when you start feeling at ease with your partner and you have a feeling of being "settled" in life.

The euphoric effects of PEA, Dopamine, and Norepinephrine begin to diminish after one to four years of relationship. This is the time when most of the relationships break up. Since, the euphoria is over and you are more in terms with reality, you no longer see things with rose-colored glasses and may begin spotting problems that never bothered you earlier in the relationship.

Disturbed hormones make you feel bad to an extent that it can affect your relationship. So, whether it is PMT, pregnancy blues, postnatal depression, the menopause, or medication hormones such as the pill, you must avoid hormonal imbalance. You can keep the euphoria intact by keeping the excitement and newness of falling in love alive in your relationship.
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