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Not the First Time You Were Dumped? Find Out How You May Be Contributing To Your 'Dumpable' Factor

So, this is not the first time you got dumped? It could be the 'you' in your relationships that is contributing to your 'dumpable' factor. Most of the people don't realize the mistakes they commit in a relationship, and thus they get dumped time after time.

Here are just a few areas that might be contributing to your dumpable factor.

Wimpy: When you get into a loving relationship, your partner doesn't want to be just a rescuer or a knight in shining armor! He/She doesn't want to spend their life holding your head above water, or being the strong one all the time. Most normal people want a partner who is strong and assertive, and who can control their emotions in an adult way. Those who break down into tears at the slightest drop of a hat, or those who are constantly in need of someone to help them, are huge turnoffs! Of course, you may seek your partner's support in very trying times, but don't use them as a bucket to dump all your sorrows in.
Unattractive: Let's face it. People find it difficult to put up with someone who they find is not very physically attractive. No one is above not wanting to have a little eye candy in the form of their own partner. If you don't take care of your body or your appearance, you surely will not attract the kinds of date you wish to have. Also, not only must you groom yourself physically, but you should also work at improving your personality. A charming person can attract more people than a bombshell stunner.

Possessive: Are you too possessive with your mate? Leaving no personal space in the relationship can choke it and make your partner feel suffocated or tied down. The more possessive you get, the worse it becomes for your relationship. You need to have an independent life of your own and you need to allow your partners to enjoy their own freedom, too. Being in a relationship does not mean that you both have to give up your individual lives. 'We' cannot survive without 'I' and 'You'.

Dominating and Demanding: If you are in the habit of expecting and demanding too much out of your partner and the relationship, you are sure adding on to your 'dumpable' factor. The two people in a relationship should have equal say, rights and duties. If one partner takes charge for both all the time, the other will flee at the first sight of an opportunity to get out of the relationship.

Difficult personality: Some people are not compatible with anybody. They are loners, or think too high of themselves and their own company. Therefore, they have difficulty in putting up with anybody and everybody. If you are an example of such a difficult personality, you can only expect to get dumped time and time again. After all, the very first thing that brings closeness to the two people in a relationship is the companionship. If the companionship is missing, the relationship is bound to be (missing) too.

Boring: If you are the kind of person who does not like to grow and change, but rather prefers to remain stagnant and compliant, you are a very dumpable lover. When in a relationship both partners need to make an effort to keep the flames alive, and for that to happen new experiences and changes are important. Monotony can sometimes end the beauty of love, and lead to an end to the relationship.
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