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Here's Five Sure-Fire Clues He's Interested in You

Wouldn't it be wonderful if a man would come up to you and say, "Hi, my name is Max. I find you attractive and I wonder if you would be interested in getting to know me better to see if the attraction could become mutual."

Alas…it ain't gonna happen! However, there are several ways that men let you know when they are interested with behavior rather than words.

1. Preening - Is he strutting his stuff? Standing taller, shoulders back and telling you about all of his accomplishments? His body language is saying, "Look at me. I'm someone you should be interested in." A man will also turn toward you if he is attracted to you.

2. Watch his eyes - Does he scan your entire body and then hold your gaze for just a longer than "normal". Men (and women) automatically check out the opposite sex. If they are attracted to more than just your body they will hold your gaze and look deep into your eyes.
3. He talks to you - I mean a real conversation that isn't just about business or something happening right that moment. When a man is interested in more than just sex, he will explore topics to see if you have anything in common. We all know the best foundation for a good romantic relationship is friendship.

4. He touches you - innocently of course. He will brush against your arm, shake your hand, touch your shoulder, etc. He's testing to see if you pull away. If you don't, it tells him that you have no objection to being touched by him, which means there is a possibility you may be interested as well.

5. He offers to help you do something - now just offering to help doesn't by itself necessarily mean anything. He just might be a nice person. But id he continually offers to help especially in combination with any of the other activities above, he is definitely interested.

If you see he's interested in you, the ball is in your court. He's looking for signs that you are interested in exploring the possibility of getting to know him better. He will pay attention to both the verbal and non-verbal signals you send to him. Of course, if you are interested, you could always walk up to him and say, "Hi, I am interested in getting to know you better and exploring whether we might eventually become a couple."

Naaaaaaa…..it just ain't gonna happen!
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