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11 Ways to Drive Your Ex Crazy With Regret

It would be really great if you could make you ex regret leaving you. The fact is that in most cases, you'd be wasting your time. However, if it is revenge you really want, I do have some ideas about that. Revenge can be sweet. So if you want revenge without losing your dignity or getting put in jail try these ideas:

Conveniently misplace a few of The Ex's favorite things - even if you aren't living together, The Ex will have left some things at your place to mark their territory (they always do). Misplace them and make The Ex wait to get them back. They'll never be sure whether you misplaced it deliberately or not.

Spread the gossip - I'm talking about the gossip about the fantastic new lover you have (real or imaginary). Done properly,
The Ex will hear about it from friends or co-workers and not realize that you are just pulling their chain. And if a new lover really does exist then so much the better!

The Ex's sexual performance - make sure that anyone who ask is aware of ALL of their limitations in the sex department. Make sure a few of these folks you tell are still running in their circle of friends to be sure that the gossip finds its way back to The Ex.

Steal some of your mutual friends - a breakup will always cost you a few friends. Call them first and reestablish a new relationship with them so they remain your friends rather than
The Ex's.

The Ex's friends - there is usually at least one of your ex's friends who came on to you at some point or another. Go out with that person and make sure your ex hears about it.

The Ex on the marketplace - place a singles ad with your ex's phone number in newspapers and websites.

The Ex - subscribe your ex to all sorts of weird sex magazines, the more embarrassing the better. Subscribe to them using your ex's name but send them to your ex's neighbor's address instead. Sure to embarrass The Ex when the neighbor comes over to give them what was 'mistakenly' delivered to their mailbox.
Rat The Ex out - if The Ex has told you about something bad they have done, anonymously tell the victim. If the action was illegal, turn The Ex in to the proper authorities.

OK, let's get real here. That was all a great fantasy that we just wrote but you just blew your chances of being relationship-material - ever; of being worthy of a second chance; and of having any self-respect and dignity left at all. Now, folks, here's the real deal on 'revenge':

Be happy and get on with your life - get a beauty treatment, join the gym, and make new friends; in short, pamper yourself. When you run into
The Ex, be gracious and nice. Ask how they've been and tell The Ex how happy you are. After all, especially if it's true, it may make The Ex reconsider whether breaking up was the right thing to do.

Live well - living well is the best revenge, as they say. Find something you like and do it. It could be a choir, a hiking club, a softball team . . . The possibilities are endless. Volunteer work is good for two reasons; helping others makes you feel good about yourself, and the potential new partner you may meet who is also volunteering as well.

Apathy - apathy makes your ex feel that perhaps they weren't that 'special' or 'important' after all. And this they will hate - but will also want to disprove :)

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