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Our Thought for the Month!

Breakup Makeovers

The greatest thing about breakups is that beautiful, magical make-over we go through. Sometimes it's likened to a rebirth. Once we 'let go' of the grief and start to see things through rose-colored glasses again, we take on a whole new beautiful persona. Nothing is more beneficial to the soul that a good ol' healthy dose of broken heart. Without a broken heart we would never learn to love ourselves, to be self-dependent, to get to know who we are, and to stop and take a look at the 'world' that we never saw before: The magnificence of a sunrise, the awe of the stars, the smell of a fresh rain in the pine.

Broken hearts have a way of giving us not only a spiritual rebirth, but a personal one, too. We change our looks, our lifestyles, sometimes even our careers and location. And we do it all for ourselves. We don't have to 'ask' or even 'consider' a partner in our choices. If we want to paint our bathroom red we can do it! If we want to get plastic surgery, who cares! If we want to trade the old dependable Dodge in on a fancy new sports car. So be it! We don't  have to answer to anybody! We can cut our hair, grow a beard, change the color of our contacts, and even get a nose job. We are reborn! And with this rebirth we come out better than ever. Thank God for breakups!

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