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Top Ten Match Breakers: Love Is Blind But Some Things We Just Can't Overlook:
"What behaviors in a mate are sure to cause you to pack your bags and go home to mother? Here are the Top Ten things that make people want to breakup with someone."

Have you ever met a partner who just made you want to run? We all have but have you ever stopped to think what behaviors really turn you off in a partner? There are many things that turn partners off and really make them want to run home to Mother. Here are the top 10 match breakers these characteristics and behaviors will cause a break up in your relationship:

1. Obsessive behavior-just being too possessive- everybody likes a little room and cannot stand to be stifled

2. Jealousy this is a big destroyer of relationships-if your partner is jealous over everybody and anybody you come into contact with this will not make a stable relationship and is a big turn off and will eventually lead to a break up.

3. Just too self centered- you will need to think of your partner as well as yourself. Every relationship needs a little give and take and you will need to consider your partner's wants as well.

4. Attitude-do not take a "hard and bad" attitude all the time lighten up and be nice to your partner or you will not have one for long. Bad attitude just is not necessary and is certainly not attractive to your partner.

5. Bossy and overbearing- there is nothing more annoying and humiliating than being bossed around and being treated like a servant. Do not do this to your partner they will break up with you in a very short time.

6. Obsessed with your looks-this can really get annoying and will cause a rift in your relationship. Look good but do not obsess about it

7. Just being boring and predictable-everyone likes a little spice in their lives so make a point of doing something different together

8. Not having enough romance in your relationship-do not be a cold person try to show your love and affection for your partner. Do some romantic things read your partner's body language

9. Do not obsess over sports and hobbies, if that is not your partner's interest. Try to find something you both like doing-or you will make your partner feel shut out and they will close the door on your relationship forever

10. Dishonesty: Do not habitually cheat, keep secrets and try to keep your partner in the dark and do not start lying to them. They will soon mistrust you if you do this and your relationship cannot last once mistrust creeps in.

There are many more things that can break a relationship but these are some of the most common. Always look out for warning signs when you have a relationship with someone. Above all keep open communications and try to be honest with each other. These are two of the most important aspects of a relationship and will go a long way to building a strong and meaningful relationship.

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